Litzenberg Long Term Care Social Services

Our Social Services director, Kim Wagner, works individually with each resident from the pre-admission interviews to facility placement and resident adjustment, and is the direct liaison between Long Term Care and the resident's family.

The director leads the resident and family through the admission process and introduces them to their caregivers and the other residents. She helps to develop an individualized plan of care for each resident that meets their social and emotional needs while managing any medically related problems that would limit their activities of daily living.

The Social Services director builds relationships with each resident, making them and their families aware of all resident rights and assists with any special needs, goal setting and continual evaluation, making sure that all care complies with State and Federal guidelines as well as facility policies. Ever the resident's advocate, the Director makes sure that there is continual communication between care staff, residents' families and with facility and community services that will assure the resident the best possible care. Both dignity and quality of life issues are at the heart of each care decision made at Litzenberg.

The Social Services director attends all Care Plan meetings, making sure that the resident's needs are evaluated and being met on a regular basis. She listens and responds to the concerns of each resident and their family and assists with any special service needs that might arise, while always encouraging courtesy, dignity and respect for each resident in Litzenberg's Long Term Care.

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