Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is health care that prevents, identifies, corrects and alleviates the progression of conditions resulting from injury, disease and other causes. The physical therapy department will assist in diagnosis, recovery, and rehabilitation of patients with neuromuscular, orthopedic and other disabilities.

The primary objectives of physical therapy are to promote optimum human health and function, help people lead more active, productive, and independent lives. This is accomplished through the use of physical therapy treatments using various modalities, such as moist heat, ice, massage, and ultrasound in conjunction with exercise programs and patient-family education programs.

Physical Therapy can help to improve circulation, restore motion, relieve pain, strengthen muscles, correct deformities, and speed recovery, thus restoring physical and economic independence.

The Physical Therapy Department provides physical therapy services to hospital inpatients, swingbeds, and outpatients under the orders of a physician.

The Physical Therapy staff includes Director of Physical Therapy, Robb Schnitzler, RPT; Maryjo Gallion, PTA, Michele Spady, PTA and Robin Bogatz, PT Tech.

The Physical Therapy staff is committed to providing professional, yet friendly care in a personalized environment.

For more information, please contact our Rehabilitation Department at 308-946-3015, Ext. 232.

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