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 March is National

Nutrition Month


Nutrition is an important part of staying healthy.  Litzenberg has a registered dietitian on staff and she is an excellent resource for helping you make informed food choices.  Talk to your physician and initiate a Dietitian visit through a referral process. 


Many topics can be discussed including gastrointestinal disorders, weight management, food allergies, kidney disease, cancer and overall health and well-being.  During "National Nutrition Month" take charge of your health and talk with your physician about nutrition.  Check out the healthy tips under "Patient Info" on the choices on the home page.   



Litzenberg Offers Monthly Cardiologist Visits and Cardiac Clinics...

It's All About Providing Cardiac Services  Close to Home


Litzenberg offers the services of cardiology physicians from; Creighton Cardiology, Bryan Heart Institute and Nebraska Heart Institute and schedules six cardiac clinics each month.  From cardiac consultations to cardiac rehab, we provide specialty serices close to home to help you protect and take care of your heart.  Call Litzenberg at 308-946-3015 for more information.



Litzenberg's Digital Mammography

and DEXA Scans


The difference is in the details!  Schedule your mammogram appointment today!! 

We now offer extended hours and days for your mammogram and DEXA Scan appointments.  Ask your doctor if you would benefit from a DEXA Scan exam.  A DEXA Scan is a quick exam that uses X-Rays of your hip and spine to measure them for bone strength...a helpful tool in diagnosing Osteoporosis.  

Call 308-946-3015



 Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital Signs

Affiliation Agreement with Bryan Health

 Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital has signed an affiliation agreement with Bryan Health effective July 1, 2013.  Under the agreement Bryan Health will provide management support to Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital to enhance operational performance.  The intent is for staff of both organizations to work more closely, bringing the clinical and operational expertise of Bryan Health to Central City and the surrounding area.  The hospital and long term care will continue to be owned by Merrick County and governed by the local Board of Trustees.

“This partnership, with one of our State’s leading health systems, is important for the long-term viability and success of Litzenberg Memorial and the community of Merrick County”, said Tad Hunt, Litzenberg Chief Executive Officer. “The patients we serve and staff we employ will benefit from the clinical best practices and operational resources Bryan Health brings to this partnership”.

“Bryan Health has served Nebraska for 87 years, and our mission as a locally owned and governed health system is to advance the health of individuals in our region through collaboration with physicians and communities”, said Kim Russel, Bryan Health Chief Executive Officer. “We are pleased to formalize this partnership with the exceptional care givers in Central City.”

In addition to its 20-bed critical access hospital, Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital operates a 46-bed long term care facility.

Q: Is Bryan Health purchasing Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital?

A: No, Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital and Bryan Health are entering an affiliation agreement, where Bryan Health will provide management support.  The affiliation agreement will facilitate Bryan Health and Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital working more closely together, bringing the clinical and operational expertise of Bryan Health to Central City and the surrounding area.


Q: What is the benefit to Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital?

A: It is difficult for a stand-alone rural facility to meet the challenges of the changing health care environment.  Bryan Health is a health care leader in Nebraska and has a rich history of working with rural facilities around the state.  The affiliation arrangement with Bryan Health will allow Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital to partner with Bryan Health in the sharing of clinical protocols, management expertise and enhanced purchasing power of the larger health system to improve the overall operational performance of the hospital and nursing home.


Q: What is the benefit to Bryan Health?

A: Bryan Health's mission is to advance the health of individuals in our region through collaboration with physicians and communities.  As a locally and owned and governed health system, partnering with Litzenberg Memorial Hospital is a natural step and consistent with the mission and vision of Bryan Health.


Q: What is the Bryan Health history with Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital?

A: Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital is a member of the Heartland Health Alliance, a 39-hospital member alliance, which was started by Bryan Health two decades ago.  The hospital is also a member of the Bryan Critical Access Hospital Network.  In addition, Bryan Health recently placed an employee at Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital to assist in revenue cycle management as part of the business office, which has produced significant financial results during the past year.  The affiliation arrangement looks to expand and enhance this type of partnering arrangement.


Memorial County Hospital 

Values Collaborative Program

A core values is a deeply-internalized philosophical guide that profoundly influences goal-setting, decision-making, conflict resolution, and more generally how one’s live life, unless values are acted upon, they are nothing more than good intentions. 


Most organizations have a formal statement of values.  A values statement is a powerful way of publicly stating what the organization stands for (and what it won’t stand for).  Most organizational values statements include a blend of values, behaviors, and outcomes.  People are more likely to behave in the desired manner when they see it as being central to their core values than if they’re just trying to please the boss.


In April, Litzenberg sent 6 employees from different departments and several supervisors to Values Collaborative training to become Certified Values Trainers.  The hospital is working to empower our staff both personally and professionally when it comes to knowing what their personal values are so they are able to provide a more holistic form of quality care.


By having the 5 trainers with our organization, we are going to be able to provide our staff with monthly training to help them on a personal basis to become the person they want to be by giving them the tools they need to truly know what their values are. 


Then hospital has been reading a daily pledge over the intercom in the mornings and then also inviting staff, patients, residents, and visitor to join us in the lobby at 1:00pm for a group reading of the pledge.  When everyone meets for the group reading, we talk about all the positive things and celebrate all the things that have happened or are coming up.  The staff has been wonderful with this new concept and we seem to be seeing more and more of them on a daily basis. 


Our goal that we will obtain is to have all staff well on their way to a positive outlook for their lives which will reflect in their job performance.  We are looking at having an organization that when mentioned, happy, patient centered care is what comes to mind.  Below are the pledges that we take on a daily basis, if you are ever in the hospital around 1:00pm, join us in our group reading.  It is amazing how having a group together makes a huge impact on all involved. 






The Self Empowerment


Seven Simple Promises That Will Change Your Life!!


Monday’s Pledge:


I will take complete responsibility for my health, my happiness, my success, and my life, and will not blame others for my problems or predicaments.


Tuesday’s Pledge:


I will not allow low self-esteem, self-limiting beliefs, or the negativity of others to prevent me from achieving my authentic goals and becoming the person I am meant to be.


Wednesday’s Pledge:


I will do the things I’m afraid to do, but which I know should be done.  Sometimes this will mean asking for help to do that which I cannot do by myself.


Thursday’s Pledge:


I will earn the help I need in advance by helping other people now, and repaying the help I receive by serving others later.


Friday’s Pledge:


I will face rejection and failure with courage, awareness, and perseverance, making these experiences the platform for future acceptance.


Saturday’s Pledge:


Though I might not understand why adversity happens, by my conscious choice I will find strength, compassion, and grace through my trials.


Sunday’s Pledge:


My faith and my gratitude for all that I have been blessed with will shine through in my attitude and in my actions.            

Online Healthcare.....
Online healthcare is now a reality at Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital. We are happy that we can help our area by providing interactive health care services.

Please try our online services.

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