Lifeline Program

For years, Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital has offered a Lifeline system that allows your loved ones to continue to live independently at home, while giving your family peace of mind knowing that help is available at the push of a button. The personal help button connects you to a trained personal response associate who can send help quickly…7 days a week…24 hours a day.

Help is still just a button push away. The only thing that has changed in the way our program works is that your help calls are being answered through a call center instead of at Litzenberg Hospital. Our nurses who took your calls are also busy delivering personal care to in-house patients and responding to any emergency patients and families. This seemed like the perfect fit for our program; to have people in the Lifeline call center answer those all-important lifeline help calls without any delay.

Their highly trained personal response associates assess your situation and determine what help you need. If emergency services are required, they can quickly dispatch assistance and retrieve relevant medical information from your personal profile to help with every situation.

After each call or emergency has been handled, they notify our coordinator at Litzenberg Hospital and she continues to follow-up with the case and she will also continue to make client calls to adjust, reset or replace your lifeline equipment as needed.

Everything else about our Lifeline program remains the same. Our Lifeline program offers you greater peace of mind and a sense of confidence to help maintain independent living. The economical cost of this 24-hour-a-day monitoring is only $35 per month - A little more than $1 a day for peace of mind. There is a one-time $40 installation charge.

For more information about Litzenberg's Lifeline program, contact Julie Kula at 308-946-3015.

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