A Simple Test Could Save Your Life.
HeartAware is a quick and easy online test that helps determine if youre at risk for heart disease. Unlike many medical conditions, heart disease can largely be predicted and prevented. But you have to take action. Take our free HeartAware test today. Because doing nothing could be the last thing you did.

How HeartAware Works
Answer a few simple questions about your lifestyle and habits and in less than 10 minutes, your HeartAware test will tell if you have two or more risk factors for heart attack, one risk factor, or not risk factors:

Two or more risk factors: Youll receive a free screening by a health care clinician which included a free cholesterol check and a referral to cardiac care if you need it.

One risk factor: You will receive information on a regular basis about healthy things you can do for your heart to minimize future risk of heart disease.

No risk factors: Congratulations, you and your family can sleep with a little extra peace of mind.

Heart Disease Kills People Who Thought They Were Fine. Every Day.
The fact is, more than 79 million Americans have heart disease and dont even know it. But in less time than it takes to read this, you can take the HeartAware online test and potentially save your life.

Common Questions About HeartAware
How do I start?
Simply take the free, HeartAware online test. After you complete it you will be asked if you want us to follow up with you. If you do, you will receive a free follow-up services.

Is participation confidential?
Yes. All information will be kept between you and LMCH.

What if my evaluation shows Im at risk for heart disease?
A LMCH representative will contact you to set up a free 30-minute consultation with a health care clinician.

What happens at the screening?
Your blood pressure is measured, and you are given a painless blood test to check your cholesterol levels. The clinician will also ask you a few questions about your cardiac medical history.

Is there follow up after the screening?
Yes. You will receive a private report. If the clinician feels you should see a physician, you will be referred to your family doctor or cardiac specialist.

Take our free, online HeartAware test today click on the above HeartAware logo.