BOOST Your Protein Intakes

                                               By Kari Robertson, RD, LMNT


Are you looking to add more protein into your diet, or are you trying to improve your strength?

Protein helps build and repair muscle tissue.  When consumed in your diet, in conjunction with weight bearing activities or weight lifting, you can build more muscle mass. 

Everyone needs protein in their diet!  As we age, we tend to lose muscle stores faster than we maintain it. 


Skim Milk Powder                

Add one cup of powdered milk to one quart of whole milk.  You can use this mixture in recipes for creamed soups, hot cocoa, cooked cereal, cooked custard, puddings, casseroles, or mashed potatoes.


Milk or Half-and-Half

                        Use this instead of water for soups, cereal and instant cocoa.


Cheese or Cheese Sauce      

                        Add grated or melted cheese to vegetables, casseroles, or soups. 


Eggs (cooked only)

You can eat these plain such as hard boiled or scrambled, even add to your mixed dishes.


Peanut Butter

                        Use on bread, crackers, celery, apples, or bananas.


Instant Breakfast Milk Shake

Combine and mix well; one packet of instant breakfast mix, one cup of whole milk, ½ cup ice cream (optional).


Other High Protein Foods

                        Cottage Cheese


                        Meat, Fish, Poultry