Litzenberg Education Includes Visits to Area 2nd Grade Classrooms

Part of Litzenberg's education services includes visits to area 2nd grade classrooms. Litzenberg employees explain some of the things that may happen when the students have to go to the hospital as a patient. The students are given time to ask questions and tell their own health-related stories. They even get to listen to each other's hearts with a stethoscope! The students are also shown a movie "Big Bird Goes to the Hospital." They receive coloring books about the hospital.

In the spring, a field trip is scheduled for the students to come to our hospital for a tour so they can see firsthand the things they learned about in the classroom.

The students are always very interested (and have interesting stories of their own!) and some even volunteer to have their blood drawn to demonstrate that procedure! (We really don't do that in the classroom!)

Pictured above is Mrs. Renee Hansen's 2nd grade class in Central City.

We enjoy providing this valuable outreach service of Litzenberg!

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