Outpatient Services

Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital is committed to offering our community quality health care with close-to-home convenience through our Outpatient Clinic Department with specialty physicians to meet your needs. 

Litzenberg has a history of commitment to the community and has provided outpatient clinics in our community for the convenience of our patients.  It allows you to be seen in Central City by a specialist without having to travel to out-state locations.  We continue and strive to add services and clinics that are needed in our community. The current list of Outpatient Clinics and providers are as follows:

Cardiology: Creighton Cardiac Center/Omaha,  Nebraska Heart Institute/Lincoln,   BryanLGH Heart Institute/Lincoln
Nuclear Medicine is provided through cardiology clinics. These services offer nuclear medicine scans for diagnosis of heart disease as well as offering other scans such as bone scans, etc. Echocardiograms, exercise treadmills, EKG are some of the other services offered.
Orthopedic: Mid-American Center for Orthopaedics and SportsMedicine/Lincoln and Lincoln Orthopaedic Center/Lincoln
Podiatry: Mid Nebraska Foot Clinic/Grand Island
Eye: Gleason-Janky Eye Physicians/Grand Island
Nephrology: Wegner Medical Group PC/Grand Island
Pulmonology: Hastings Pulmonology and Sleep Clinic
OBY/Gyn: Obstertrics and Gynecology Clinic/Hastings
Vascular:  Vascular Surgical Associates/Lincoln

Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital completed a building project that included an Outpatient Clinic area. This provides added comfort and increases the amount of clinics we can schedule. It is designed to allow two clinics to occur at the same time, adding more flexibility in scheduling.

The staff at Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital provides technical support for these clinics by providing radiology services, surgical services, nuclear medicine assistance, and respiratory therapy services to name a few.

Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital's pledge is to serve our community by providing quality and specialized health care close to home.

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