Litzenberg's Cardiac Rehab Program

Rehab Vital Part of Cardiac Recovery
Cardiac Rehab patients are referred by a doctor and must visit Lone Tree Medical Associates' Dr. Buhlke or Dr. Mahnke at least once. Patients go through an evaluation on their first visit to rehab.Team members include Litzenberg's nursing staff and Director,Patty Hoops RN as well as our registered dietitian. Together they design a rehab plan of care for each client.

Each patient spends time on the treadmill, the bike and with weights, gradually increasing their times at each station as they become stronger. The rehab staff monitors each patient's blood pressure and heart rate while they are exercising.

Medicare recently added to the list of procedures they will cover in cardiac rehab. These now include heart attack, coronary bypass surgery, angina, heart valve repair or replacement, angioplasty, coronary stenting and heart or heart-lung transplant.

Call Litzenberg Hospital at 308-946-3015 for additional information and contact your Doctor to be referred.

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