Business Office and Admissions

One of the paperwork hubs of the hospital is comprised of the Business Office and the Admissions Department. These departments are as essential to the operation of the hospital as the nursing and medical staff. The first place you stop on a non-emergency visit to the hospital is the Admissions desk.

Conveniently located near the main entrance is the admissions desk and the new outpatient clinic area. Statistical data - everything including your name, date of birth, social security number and identifying insurance numbers, is entered into the computer system. This information is used to follow your visit, identifying procedures and insuring correct billing.

Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance claims are filed by the Business Office personnel with primary and secondary insurance carriers for the patients. Arrangements for payment are made by a company that Litzenberg partners with to assist in setting up payment plans if you have a balance after your insurance pays or if you have no insurance.

Litzenberg offers financial assistance to our low income uninsured patients. The level of assistance is based upon income guidelines. A complete financial evaluation is required to determine your eligibility for financial assistance. You can contact the business office for an application.

In our continuing efforts to enhance customer service, we have produced a brochure titled "Billing Processes" that will help you understand the ways in which Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital's billing department can be of service to you. You can pick one up at the business office.

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